When we know ourselves, when we are in contact with the true needs of our body and spirit, then we know what right action to take in our lives to find balance. The first step is to cultivate the relationship with oneself. Our company hopes to facilitate this process in each individual by transmitting the importance of using only products of the highest quality because what we put into our bodies is absorbed in our systems as food for the skin. We believe that lifestyles can be improved in simple ways, such as leveling up a routine bath to a bathing ritual, creating a hydrotherapy treatment at a spa in the home! Nourish us, treat us kindly and honor our body; all lead to cultivate a more loving relationship with oneself and a deeper wisdom to make right decisions in our lives.

The history of the spa is rich in the tradition of bathing for healing. Immersion baths are the essence of the spa experience whether in a luxury resort or at home. Determined to take bath salts to the next level, Tara spent two years researching before introducing a "remedy approach" into her collection of bath salts.

Integrating the healing power of hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and herbs, TARA® Bath Therapy remedies combine therapeutic levels of certified organic and wild herb extracts, 100% pure essential oils, marine minerals and electrolytes to alleviate a variety of common ailments.


Winter Wellness Special w_ Eucalyptu
Jet Lag Recovery Kit
Aromatherapy Handcrafted Soap Set
Citrus Refresher
Bath Salts, Body Purifier
Sun Care Rehydrator Lotion
Herbal Ease Booties
Herbal Ease Hand Mitts
Herbal Ease Neck Pillow
Herbal Ease Silk Eye Pillow
Herbal Ease Uni-Pack
Herbal-Ease Neck Pillow and Eye Pill
Diffuser, Aromatherapy Electric
Loving Handcrafted Soap Set
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