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Real estate management is the art and science of maximizing the value of assets through careful management of the physical space, relationships with tenants and reputation in the market. Our property managers are first and foremost business people and work together to achieve the goals of the property.
As a team of property managers, engineers, contractors, contract managers and service personnel we focus on three basic areas of property performance

Physical space.


Attending the physical space requires the coordination of multiple suppliers, from gardening and cleaning to computer systems and renovations. In fact, building owners need up to 37 independent suppliers! Our service center is designed to take immediate action on pressing problems, coordinate and provide clear solutions for both owners and users and thus have clear lines of responsibility to respond to any concerns.

Relations with the user.

While most companies quantify the value of the asset in a balance sheet, we take a holistic approach in relation to real estate administration, we realize that some of the best assets of a property are the users themselves. We share best practices to improve owners' relationships with users and thus increase camaraderie and business cooperation among adjacent users.


Construction and brand positioning.


We are aware that the reputation of a property has a significant impact on the brand of each user's business, so we strive to improve that brand in the market. We do this through a deep knowledge of other competing properties, taking exceptional care in the common areas and at the "first impression" points, we manage the property in such a way that we can distinguish its unique characteristics and services.

Laundry service
Supermarket shopping
Photographs of the property
Tickets for parks
Bath amenities
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

Tour reservations
Reservations at beach clubs
Reservations in restaurants
Tickets for events
Personalized Check-in / out
Concierge Service
Emergency service 24 hours
Baby sister


Why choose Caribbean Bayres to manage your property?

Caribbean Bayres, being a member of Grupo Morette, has the support of the following companies.
Tequila Travel: Travel agency leader in South American tourism with branches in Buenos Aires, Brazil and Mexico is a fundamental ally when it comes to attract the potential client.

MTS: Hotel and real estate equipment company one of the most important companies in the area, with a portfolio of first class hotels, which will allow us to be able to count in a timely manner with everything necessary to provide a service of excellence to our guests.

Nacom Inversiones: Prestigious real estate company, works hand in hand with CRM (Customer Relationship Management),
which is very important when locating the best prices and offers in the market.

Toscano Construcciones: Fundamental tool to keep your property in top condition. We have a maintenance team with which we guarantee the normal operation of all the facilities.

Legal TC: It provides us with all the legal support giving the client legal certainty

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